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Handwritten Journaling


Handwritten journaling is considered best by some scrapbookers who see handwriting as valuable for posterity, but many people journal on the computer and print it onto a variety of surfaces including vellum, tape, ribbon, and paper. There are no hard and fast rules to scrapbooking as it is considered an art form. Some prefer pages where the photograph is the central element and embellishments are minimally applied, others include a variety of embellishments to add to the design.

This is a personal choice, each can be effective and create stunning designs. Embellishments may include small, two-dimensional items such as ticket stubs from the theater, love notes from a special someone, or newspaper clippings. Items such as brads or eyelets can be used rather than tape or glue to adhere pictures or papers to be used decoratively. Additional elements may include stickers, quilling, decorated die cuts and flowers (punched, dried, and artificial). Generally, the focus of the page is the photograph or photographs.

It is best to stick with one to three good photos when starting out. The page is then decorated and embellished with items only limited by the creators imagination. Sketching is an optional step in which the scrapbooker will create, sketch, a layout of what the page will look like upon completion. Sketching is usually done on a scrap piece of paper which is discarded upon completion of the page. This step assists a scrapper in seeing the final page before all elements are modified to fit on the page to ensure the look is as desired by the scrapbooker.

Some of the basic scrapbooking tools include: Acid-free scrapbook albums, Acid-free and lignin-free papers, Acid-free tape, Acid-free glue, Archival marker or pen, Scissors, or some cutting instrument, Photographs and Acid-free stickers. With the popularity of scrapbooking growing daily, there are more and more resources available to the amateur and professional scrapbooker alike. Digital scrapbooking is in its infancy, but shows great promise as the medium of the future for scrapbooking enthusiasts.

Scrapbooking can be very easy for anyone who wants to give it a try. Acid-free and lignin-free products are encouraged to prevent the pictures from turning brown. Spend time with your photos. Really examine the details of the photo and allow your mind to take a mental journey back to that time and place before you write your journaling. Don’t always use plain white paper for your journaling. The white (even on the smallest pieces of paper) can really stand out and detract from the rest of the page, especially on colored pages where the theme is carried through on the embellishments, papers and photos. A white journal block can really detract from this theme.

Use journaling papers that coincide with your theme.

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