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Mini Scrapbooking


A Grandparent’s Brag Book goes to the office as a mini scrapbook mounted on a desk frame. Flip a page each day to have a gallery of photos, each on a cleverly themed page. Mini scrapbooks are a great alternative to an annual letter sharing the past year with family and friends. Pages would include high points of your year: a birth, graduation, new job, new home, and so on. A few minutes alone with your imagination, and you will think of many more uses, many more ideas.

Mini scrapbooking is an economical, quick way to gather a few memories for posterity. It seems digital scrapbooking is getting a great deal of attention lately, especially with the major scrapbook publications putting out special issues devoted to digital arts.

A large majority of traditional scrapbookers are having fun creating word art and journaling for their traditional pages with computer software, which is really a form of digital scrapbooking. Some just take it a level further and create their entire pages on the computer. It’s exciting when new tools are introduced to help artists with their craft, but at the same time, and store photographs on computer hard drives instead of photo albums and boxes.

Being able to use photos archived on your computer is one of the main reasons digital scrapbooking is increasing in popularity so rapidly. If you’re a digital photographer and need to do any type of photo editing tasks, you most likely already own one of the fabulous image editing packages on the market, such as Adobe® Photoshop® or Photoshop® Elements, Jasc Paint Shop Pro®, Ulead PhotoImpact®, or Microsoft® Digital Image Pro, just to name a few. They all have incredible photo editing features, but did you know you can also create entire scrapbook layouts from scratch using these tools? In creating a digital layout from scratch, there are the same basic steps: design background paper, add photos, create photo mats or accent papers, add effects such as drop shadowing, create embellishments (if desired), and finish with titles and journaling. It’s up to you how you use those steps to define your own unique style. Some like clean graphic lines giving the look of a magazine ad, while others like the look of traditional paper-pieced layouts, with “paper,” embellishments, and the illusion of three-dimensions. The beauty of digital is that either is possible with the same photographs. Using the same digital photo, I will show you multiple looks you can create showing the power of digital imaging software. Ready-made templates, like our Simply Digital™ product line, are also available for those who like the look of traditional scrapbooking, but want beautiful results in little time.

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