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Scrapbooking Events


If the digital scrapbook is for a young child, your scrapbook theme will be that child’s life. Page themes might include: birth, first step, first tooth, and other firsts. Include pages showing the child with his or her family. Show my house, my room, my favorite toys and stuffed animals, the books I love to read and have read to me, and so on. You might want to include the child’s favorite foods, favorite games, and favorite places to visit, such as the park or Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Remember to put the family pet into the pictures, too.

A small child will enjoy a mini scrapbook more than a large one, since each page will be simple and easy to enjoy. A small child can handle mini scrapbooks better, too. Laminated pages will remain clean, and the book can be enjoyed everyday – even carried in the car.

Mini scrapbooks make great yearbooks for parting high school or college friends. Work together on the original, and then have copies made and bound for each member of the group. or a wedding, a mini scrapbook of your wedding or that of your loved ones would make a lovely thank you gift for family members and the wedding party. You will want to plan it out before the wedding, so it was ready for adding photos soon after your honeymoon or honeymoon of the newlyweds. Elegance and simplicity make the job easier and more beautiful.

You could make one scrapbook, and then have pages color copied on cardstock. These could readily be cut, collated, and spiral-bound at an office supply store.

For a vacation mini-scrapbook, adult and children alike can make their own mini scrapbooks of a vacation trip. A couple we knew had their children do this at age 5 and thoroughly enjoyed it. Again, the small size of the pages allows them to maintain interest, and complete a book without becoming discouraged or losing interest. Our children’s books included such things as: tickets to amusement parks, photos clipped from the hotel’s free brochures, photos of their son riding a pony and so on, along with their memories in the children’s own writing. You can also produce your mini scrapbook on a computer. Design each page, leaving a one half inch border at the top. Print on cardstock, punch holes in the top border, and insert rings for a cute flipbook. Or size your mini scrapbook pages to fit a flip desk frame.

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