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Getting Started on Large Books


The challenges of a large scrapbook can be daunting if you are new to the craft. There sits that large album, filled with blank pages. You will need a theme for the album and a theme for each page. You will need to add background paper, photos, frames, journaling, and embellishments. You don’t know where to begin!

Even if you aren’t new to scrapbooking, there are times when a mini scrapbook is just more appropriate than a large one. A mini scrapbook allows you to start small and keep-it-simple-sweetie (KISS). You needn’t spend as much time on a mini scrapbook, since a small page will hold much less. The KISS point is that, being small, a mini scrapbook will look cluttered if you get too many items on a page.

An album as small as 6 x 6 can be used for a mini scrapbook. The pages are large enough to hold a photo up to the standard 4 x 6. The extra two can be used for a note or caption. You need not use a purchased album for your mini scrapbook. Simply cut regular letter-size cardstock sheets in half, creating pages that measure five and a half inches by eight and a half inches. Or purchase blank cards in that size at an office supply store. When you are ready to bind your mini scrapbook, purchase cover stock in colors, and have it spiral bound.

Another good way to make a cardstock mini scrapbook follows. First, create your mini scrapbook pages, allowing a one half inch border at one end of each page. This is where your scrapbook will be bound, so the border should alternate from page to page. Next, create a cover for your mini scrapbook, leaving the same border for binding. At an office supply store, printer, or copy service. Ask to have your mini scrapbook spiral bound after it is copied. You will have a choice of spiral binding or comb binding. They come in colors, so you can coordinate the cover stock and plastic binding.

Keep your mini scrapbooks clean and strong, especially those that will be handled by young children. Instead of having your pages copied double-sided, choose single-sided copies. Then laminate pages together in pairs, back to back. Laminate your cover, and bind the mini scrapbook. Keeping it simple, here are a few themes you may want to consider for your mini scrapbook.

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